Wednesday, 21 March 2007


We have just come back from a very enjoyable day out in Culdaff. The sun was shining and the lads spent the best part of the afternoon swimming in the icy cold water. Just before we left the sandy cove, one of my lads suggested that we take home some seaweed and have a seaweed bath when we got home. I was a bit reluctant but I gave in eventually, especially as the very large plastic bag was already full of the stuff. I pushed holes in the bottom to let out the sea and when it stopped dripping I put it in the boot of the car. As soon as we got into the house the water was running in the bath. The resulting soup looked lovely, our own private sea in the bathroom. As yet only half of the family have jumped in to savour the delights. I have put the moment off for a while. My eldest lad is very thoughtful -he has told me that it is going to refrain from throwing it out into the compost heap. It is going to stay in the bath until I can get chance to jump in!

NB. After a while I took the plunge into the gooey seaweed mixture and I must say I feel refreshed and silky smooth! But I will have to come up with a cleaning recipe for getting the bath white again!


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