Sunday, 23 January 2011

Wisdom of the world - Week 136

“Would you teach me silence?” I asked.
He seemed to be pleased.”Is it the Great Silence that you want?”
“Yes, the Great Silence.”
“Well, where do you think it is to be found?” he asked. “Deep within me, I suppose. If only I could go deep within, I’m sure I’d escape the noise at last. But it’s hard. Will you help me?” I knew he would. I could feel his concern, and his spirit was so silent.
“Well I’ve been there,” he answered “ I spent years going in. I did taste the silence there. But one day Jesus came, maybe it was my imagination- and said to me simply, “Come follow me.” I went out and I’ve never gone back.”
I was stunned. “But the silence...”
“I’ve found the Great Silence, and I’ve come to see that the noise was inside.”
Father Theophane

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