Sunday, 31 October 2010


The Lamb
A herd of goats were eyeing up the green pastures that grew on a high steep mountain. All of them were tempted by that grass but did not trust that they could manage climbing up that steep hill…
Amidst the crowd was a little lamb. This little one started climbing the hill on its own.. Perplexed at this, every goat in the crowd, except the mother of the lamb started bullying the little one… shouting out discouraging comments and making fun of the lamb. The mother watching silently just prayed that her little one be safe. Eventually the little lamb managed to climb the hill and eat the grass. At this, all the goats were astonished. They asked the mother of the lamb- “What was so special about your little one that it was able to achieve something that none was even ready to try?”…
At this the mother replied – “My little one is deaf”
The moral of the story is we should learn to focus on our goal in life and turn a deaf ear to all unwanted and discouraging talk that we have to face during our journey. Our biggest weakness could become our greatest strength if we could realise it and learn to look at only the positive aspects in life. In the end it is only perseverance and grace that will take us to the goal.

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