Saturday, 12 March 2011

Wisdom of the world - Week 140

Swing Set

Mr. Jones wanted to build his son a swing set. He slaved away each evening and grew tired and irritable causing concern for his wife.
"You're working so hard," she said. "Wasn't our neighbour, Mr. Williams, a carpenter when he was young? Couldn't you ask him for help?"
"But Mr. Williams has done enough work in his life. I wouldn't want to bother him."
So Mr. Jones kept working, until finally the swing set was finished, and he set it up in the back garden. A few days later, Mr. Jones went outside and found Mr. Williams gazing at the swing set.
"Hi, Mr. Williams. How do you like the new swing set?"
"Oh, it's wonderful. I built something like that for my son many years ago." His eyes looked sad, and Mr. Jones remembered that Mr. Williams' son had moved far away for a job.
"I wish you had told me you were building it," Mr. Williams said. "Your son is a good boy. I would have loved to help you do something nice for him."
They chatted for another minute, and Mr. Jones went inside, realizing for the first time that Mr. Williams was lonely.

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