Tuesday, 10 November 2009


The Buncrana Christmas tree lights Committee have a choice this year....where to put all of the new lights in the town....

The Choice

A beggar asked a wise man for charity.

"I'll give you better than that; come with me," was the reply. The wise man took the beggar to a merchant, and asked him to find a job for the beggar. The merchant knew and trusted the sage and didn't hesitate to give some merchandise to the beggar and asked him to travel and sell them in another city.

A few days later, the wise man was walking through the city and was surprised to see the beggar back at his old post and in a miserable condition. Surprised, he asked him about the matter.

The beggar informed him: "While travelling, I found a blind eagle in the desert, and I was very curious how it got food though it was blind. I observed it for some time, and to my big surprise, another eagle came and fed it. I thought to myself, God is taking care of that blind eagle in this desert and He will also take care of me! So I returned to the city and give the merchant back his goods."

The wise man asked him: "But tell me, why did you choose to be the blind eagle, not the other one, who could fly, chase, and take care of others?"

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