Sunday, 14 March 2010


Three Visitors

Three visitors called to the home of a poor family. They were all invited inside but one of the visitors spoke. “Only one of us can come in. I am Love and with me are Success and Wealth. Go and check with the family which of us you would like in the house. The mother, father and daughter sat down to talk about it. The mother said, “I think we should invite Success in, you can get the promotion you are after and our dear daughter will get accepted into the best college.” The husband disagreed, “I only want the promotion for the extra money. Let us invite Wealth into our home, then we will not be concerned about promotions and colleges, we will already be prosperous.”

The daughter looked up at her parents and spoke softly. “Mum and dad, I appreciate that you want us to be wealthy and successful, but in the long run I feel it would be better to have Love.” Her parents smiled at her wisdom and went out to invite Love into their home.

To their surprise Success and Wealth followed Love inside. The mother said, “I thought only one of you could come in?”

Love explained, “If you had chosen Wealth or Success, they would have entered alone, however where Love goes, Success and Wealth always follow.”

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