Sunday, 26 May 2013

20-40-60 Rule


What we think of ourselves is vitally important to the success of any endeavour. We move forward or backwards grounded in our own estimation of self. Or at least we think we do. However, many times those judgments are not based on who we think we are, but instead fall into the category of 'who others think we are'. We all know that someone else's opinion is of little consequence in our daily lives, yet, we rely on these external views, real or imagined, to fortify our public demeanour and actions.

Much of this reaction to exterior views has to do with age and maturity which follows a basic psychological pattern sometimes referred to as the 20 - 40 - 60 rule.

At 20, your life revolves around an obsession of what others think of you.

At 40, you begin to not care what others think of you.

And at 60, you realise that when you were younger, you really weren't being judged at by anyone but yourself and no-one was thinking of you at all!

Maybe we need to all be 60.

Take a moment, no matter what your age, to be 60.

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