Wednesday, 21 March 2007


We’ve been looking into some remedies for hiccups, heartburn and indigestion this week. We all get these uncomfortable problems from time to time, especially if we don’t rest after eating. I get heartburn sometimes when I eat bought biscuits from the shop. It’s either the fact that they contain hydrogenated fat or the other reason, which is the fact that I usually eat the whole packet in one go. Most of the products on the shelves to alleviate the discomfort are just chalk with a bit of flavouring, so I tend to suck on a stick of chalk instead, it’s not very pleasant but it’s cheaper and takes my mind off the heartburn!


I have mentioned in an earlier addition of Clean and Green that if you swallow a teaspoon full of vinegar to take the hiccups away. It really works but a lot of people would probably find this too distasteful. Try eating a pickled onion instead with the vinegar.

There is another method that you can try as well but you will need another person. We have tried this method alone and it doesn’t seem to work. We first came across this idea from a friend of ours who used to work for B.B.C. radio over in England. You probably have never heard anyone on the radio with hiccups and this how they stop it.

Sit down on a chair and straighten your back. (Get the other person to talk you through the next bit)
Take a deep breath and hold it in.

Still holding your breath, swallow three times (it’s not easy!)

When you have done this, breath out very slowly.

The hiccups will have gone.

If this fails then get someone to say that they will give you 10 euro if you hiccup again. This really works for some people, especially if you are money motivated!


Again, there are a lot of products on the market that claim to relieve you of indigestion. There are some very effective natural methods you can look at though from plants out of the garden. One plant is peppermint. You can buy bags from the health shops, but the plants can easily be grown in the garden and it doesn’t get invasive like normal mint. Simply pour boiling water on some fresh leaves and leave until it’s cool enough to drink. The leaves can be put on a tray and dried in the hot press as well which will give you a supply out of the growing season. The mint has a menthol aroma, which is said to calm the digestive tract.

Another mixture, which helps the indigestion, is to mix fennel and dill together and add boiling water (infuse) this works well too, but some people don’t find this as palatable as the mint.


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