Wednesday, 21 March 2007


O.K. admit it, who hasn’t recycled their Christmas tree? (Real, not the plastic ones!) I’m sure most of you have, but I went out and about Inishowen this week and asked a few people what they thought about the recycling project for worn out Christmas trees. I think it makes for interesting reading, but if you get bored and don’t read it all at least scan your eyes to the one very good reason, it’s not all negative!

Here are some of the reasons for not recycling the tree: Can I stress that these are NOT my opinions! (Some of them are quite good though)

“I couldn’t get the tree in the car. And if I could the dropping needles would mess up the boot too much.”

“I would use up too much fossil fuel driving the 10 miles to the recycling centre.”

“If the forestry replant a tree for every one that is chopped down, then why bother.” (?!)

“ I put mine in the back garden. The wildlife love it and it soon rots down.”

“I burn mine. I chop it up and burn a bit at a time, the smell that comes off it is lovely!”

“What tree, eh? What recycling centre? I can see your lips moving but can’t hear what you’re saying!”

“Why bother, that company that recycles them should pick them up. They make the money out of shredding the trees to sell back to gardeners”

“I tried, but I couldn’t get into the recycling centre because it was full of cans, bottles and paper.”


By putting the tree in to be recycled you are starting to get the idea of recycling things. While you are at it, throw the empty bottles, cans and newspaper into the boot of the car as well and take them in to the recycling centre. Don’t be too put off if the skips are full to bursting, they will be emptied soon. The companies that collect the recyclable materials try there hardest to keep up with the sudden increase of household waste caused by our indulgences over the festive period. I suppose if we consumed less and bought less packaging the entrances to the recycling centres wouldn’t get blocked at this time of year.


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