Sunday, 3 June 2007


The three enemies of wool are heat, rubbing and wet. Careful washing is actually better for woollen clothes than dry cleaning, and better for the planet too. For good results dissolve pure soap in hot water and add enough cold to get the temperature down to below body temperature. Soak the pullover for about ten minutes and then press it to the bottom of the basin until it is clean. Putting a teaspoon full of natural glycerine in the final rinse will leave the wool feeling soft and fluffy. It is important to get the water out of the wool as soon as possible. The wool spin on the washer should sort that out. When it is as dry as possible the jumper can be hung outside on the line to dry. One method of hanging the garment is to pass a pair of tights through the sleeves and secure them to the line. The other method is to put a shirt inside the jumper as if you were wearing it and fasten the sleeves to the line. It’s important to dry the jumper without it resting on any sharp edges or being supported by pegs as this can put the garment out of shape.

When it comes to ironing a wool jumper, the less it is pressed the better. If you do have to do this, put a cloth between the jumper and the iron, this will reduce the risk of damage. Keep the iron on a low temperature as well.


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