Sunday, 3 June 2007


If you loose something small like jewellery or earrings on the floor don’t panic. Put an old pair of tights over the end of the vacuum cleaner nozzle. Gently go over the area with the nozzle and when you find the item it will not get sucked up into the machine but will be the on the tights for you to pick off.

Save energy when you are cooking rice. Put a cupful into a flask and very carefully fill with boiling water Leave this for an hour and when you take the top off the rice will be perfectly cooked. The rice might have formed a bit of a blockage at the top. In which case you could tap the flask gently to remove the blockage. If this fails a teaspoon will do the trick.

Update: A reader tried this and had a real job getting the rice out of the flask. We advise that if you do try it, to use a flask with a wide neck and don't leave it in too long!


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