Sunday, 3 June 2007


There is a food colouring called carmine, also known as carminic acid or cochineal. It's a red dye derived from the bodies of dried and crushed female cochineal beetles. According to PETA, North America's largest animal rights advocacy group, it takes 160,000 of these insects to produce one kilogram of colouring. The dye, often referred to as Red #4, can be found in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, dairy products, baked goods, confections, yogurt, beverages, ice cream and fruit fillings. Because of the dye's rather unpleasant source, companies are secretive about using it. Most companies just call it ‘colour’ in their list of ingredients. Then of course there is gelatin. You will find this lining of a cow’s stomach in everything from chewy sweets to jelly. To conclude then it is sometimes what is not said that is important to look out for in advertising. Be aware!

Yours G Hallowell Derry

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