Sunday, 3 June 2007


Even on the supermarket shelves we vegetarians have to watch out. The first of these products are the obvious staple ingredients of day-to-day meal planning for vegetarians - fruits and vegetables. Take some apples for example. Some fruits are coated with a waxy substance that protects them from damage and gives them that lovely, glossy sheen. There are many types of protective coatings, among them is shellac. Devastatingly for vegetarian and vegans, this is a resin derived from the secretions of the lac beetle, found in many parts of Asia. The Guelph Food Technology Centre calls this refined insect secretion one of the most common confectionary glazes for hard sweets and chocolates as well. This may not bother meat eaters much beyond finding it unappetising. But vegetarians might see this as a reason to look for fresher, untouched produce. All organic produce is usually free from waxy additives so I go for those. In an ideal situation though I would favour home grown


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