Sunday, 3 June 2007


We here at Clean and Green are always pointing out the importance of re-using and using natural products as much as possible. At one time when wool was scarce and a jumper became threadbare, instead of it being thrown away it would be unpicked and a new garment would be created in it’s place. This is rarely done anymore, same as you never see anyone darning socks. The art of knitting is still with us though and a lot of people still sit in the evenings and click away with their needles. A hand–knit item is special as it has that extra ingredient of love! Anyway the reason that I have mentioned this is that a neighbour of ours has just shown us a poem he did at school. We thought we would share it with you.


I got some knitting needles and a yellow ball of wool
My granny gave them to me and I took them into school.

Mrs McCay told us she would teach us how to knit,
So off I went on Friday with a new knitting kit.

I cast on 20 stitches and was feeling very proud.
I knitted each one carefully and counted them out loud.

I thought I had the hang of it, I was getting very keen.
But suddenly it stopped…. I had only 17!

I was so disappointed. Where did they go?
I asked Steven Nelson, but he didn’t know.

Well, I’ve lost 3 of my stitches, I don’t know where they’ve gone.
And there’s a hole in my knitting, where did it come from?

So if you find 3 yellow stitches, you will keep them safe for me.
And I’ll try my best to put them, back where they should be.

By Sean O, Doherty
3rd class
Scoil Iosagain

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