Monday, 4 June 2007


If a vegetable patch sounds like hard work, try growing attractive vegetables amongst shrubs, flowerbeds, roses and so on. Some vegetables don’t store well, so if only a few vegetables are grown it saves the effort of offloading wheelbarrow loads of spinach on your friends! There are many undemanding plants that will look good in the border. Runner beans can be grown as annual climbers at the back of the border. Some have purple pods, which are particularly attractive. For eye-catching leaves, the chard or Leaf beet is effective, Swiss chard has white veins in its leaves and Rhubarb chard has red veins. These are easy to grow and don’t go to seed until late in the season. Other red leaves to grow would be Beetroot and Lollo Rossa lettuce. There are also a lot of Herbs that can be used for a colourful display. Bronze fennel, purple sage and yellow Margoram for example. For fruits try the cherry type tomatoes. The good thing about growing vegetables and Herbs this way is you don’t feel too guilty if they don’t get eaten!


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