Monday, 4 June 2007


Some of the annual bedding plants I have outside at the moment have taken a bit of a battering this week. The cold wind scorched the leaves of Verbenas and even the perennial trailing plants have been checked back. I’ve no room in my tunnel at the moment, so they’ll have to toughen themselves up a bit. The grass and weeds don’t seem to mind the weather though, as I’ve been working overtime strimming a path down to my neglected vegetable patch. I planted seeds of Broccoli, Brussels, Peas, Beans, Courgette and Leeks, straight into a small nursery bed a few weeks ago. Most of them have been smothered by weeds or eaten by slugs. Julie, very wisely planted the same named seeds into trays and they are happily growing under the protection of the polythene tunnel. So when I clear a space of weeds in the vegetable plot we should have plenty of healthy plants to put in. I also planted a raised bed of Carrots and Radish, but it appears the cat is using it as a litter tray and the dog is burying stale crusts of bread and old bones in it too…the joys of gardening!


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