Monday, 4 June 2007


Prevent paintbrushes from drying out by wrapping up in cling film.

To prevent newly painted doors from sticking when you close them, spray both surfaces with wax polish.

Put an apple in a sack of potatoes. This will keep the spuds from growing roots for longer.

When measuring treacle, dip the spoon in flour first and the treacle won’t stick.

When buttering crackers, put them on a slice of bread. They do not break as easily.

If you catch the Swilly bus on a wet day, put a pair of old gloves in your bag. You can use these to wipe the condensation from the window.

Use cod liver oil on wood scratches. Leave for twenty-four hours then rub off. The scratch will be gone. (Disclaimer….. don’t blame me if it hasn’t!)

Sooth a mouth ulcer by gargling with chamomile tea.

I was given quite a few tips about things to do with fabric softener. I found them quite scary I must say. One suggestion was to save money on plug in air fresheners by putting some softener into a pan of water and then boiling up. This made a beautiful smell throughout the house….I think it would be a more sensible idea to open a window!


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