Monday, 4 June 2007


I turned into one of those people that you cross the road to avoid last week. I wanted to get some ideas for cleaning tips so members of the public have been stopped in the street to see if they have any ideas that we haven’t heard. I had a list of some that were totally unsuitable for printing but I think some of them are worth mentioning, so here goes.


If you don’t have a paper shredder to get rid of your private papers here is a tip. Fill a bowl with warm soapy water and soak the documents for an hour. Press the paper into a brick shape or a ball. They will not be able to pull apart and cannot be read. If you want to take it a stage further then put the bricks or balls somewhere where they can dry out. They can be used as fuel on the open fire.

Clean gold rings. Put some lipstick on a cloth and rub for a sparkling shine. Do not use on rings with crevices though or you will have difficulty getting it off.

Stale crusts of bread cut into cubes then baked make great dog biscuits.

Small burn marks on the carpet can be removed by rubbing the area with a slice of raw potato.

Keep an old toothbrush near the sink for cleaning graters, blenders and whisks etc.

Grate courgettes and carrots into your spaghetti bolognaise sauces. They add flavour and your kids will never tell the difference.

Soak smelly feet in a bowl of green tea or tomato juice for ten minutes. The pong will disappear.


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