Monday, 4 June 2007


I read your comments last week about the high percentage of people that do not wash their hands after using public toilets. I would like to comment about the doors in these establishments. They should all open outwards when you are coming out of both the cubicle and the toilet facility. They do this in most American toilets and it makes perfect sense. This is because you do not have to be touching the door handles with your clean hands after someone has smeared their dirty paws all over them. We here in Buncrana don’t have that problem though. This is because the council closed down the public toilets that were situated at the courthouse a long time ago. There are public toilets of course but you will have to cut your shopping short to travel down to the Festival Park on the shorefront to use the facilities. This isn’t the easiest of tasks when you are ladened down with shopping bags. We are left with the choice of walking embarrassingly into the library when it is opened or dodging the staff in the local cafes to use their facilities. Shops have put signs in their windows telling you that their loos are for customers only which also adds to the challenge. What are we expected to do? Resort to the tactics of the revellers at the weekend and use the alleyways and shop doorways in the town!

That sounds a bit drastic. If you are on the main road its not far to go to Super Valu. Their toilets are clean and are at the front of the shop. The door opens inward though; it’s something to do with health and safety so you don’t bash someone on the other side!


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