Friday, 23 March 2007


Last week I mentioned the different types of Roses that are on the market. This week we can have a look at the planting procedure.

Buying Roses

Bare root Roses- These will be available from October to March, usually by mail order. They should be planted as soon as they arrive, unless the soil is frozen or waterlogged. Some may be pre-packed in peat but they need to be planted out straight away too.

Roses in containers-Although March to August is the suggested time, some suppliers also have Roses available during the winter. They can really be planted at any time provided they are watered in dry spells.

Planting Roses
Soil preparation is important. Dig into the planting area about 5cm (2ins) of organic material such as well-rotted manure, garden compost or mushroom compost. DO NOT place fresh manure near the roots, as this will scorch them.

Bare root Roses
Dig a hole large enough to take all the roots. Fork over the base to loosen the soil. After placing the roots in the hole, replace half the soil and tread firmly in, adding a little water if it seems dry. Ensure there are no air pockets around the roots. Replace the remaining soil, tread firmly and water in. The join of the branches and the roots should be just above ground level when planted

Roses in containers
Dig a hole large enough to take the container. Remove the Rose from the container, taking care not to disturb the roots. Place the root ball in the hole and replace the soil. Tread in firmly.

Don’t work the soil if it’s too wet-If it sticks to your spade or shoe then its just the excuse fair weather gardeners like me need to put the job off for another day!


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