Friday, 23 March 2007


If insomnia is keeping you awake at night you could try these simple sleep inducing methods.

The first suggestion would be to get yourself some camomile. Herbalists have sworn by this method for centuries. Take six to ten flower heads and pour on boiling water, again, leave to cool and drink before you go to bed. The fresh flower is very strong, dried flowers, we feel, taste better. The health shop sells the little bags on a string if you can’t get hold of the flowers. Camomile is also supposed to be good after heavy meals as it contains some long word called antispasmodic substances that help the digestion.

A stronger herb, valerian can also be used, it doesn’t taste very nice (thinking smelly socks) but it is effective. Put a teaspoon full of finely chopped root into a pan with a cup of cold water in it. Bring to the boil, strain and drink.

Comfrey is said to be very effective for inducing sleep. Put a few leaves in the bath and have a nice long soak. It is so powerful that it’s advised not to have a bath in the morning unless you want to go to bed again. Certainly don’t try driving after the bath.

Lemon balm has been recommended too. Some people actually claimed that a drink made from the leaves was as effective in relaxing you as Valium.

Try putting hops into a pillow. This can be warmed in the microwave to feel very pleasant on the head. Or try a sprig of lavender under the pillow.

Other more conventional drinks could be tried too. Warm milk, milk and honey for example. Most effective for some would be milk, honey and a drop of whiskey. Not too much alcohol though as this can keep you awake.


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