Friday, 23 March 2007


We have noticed that the pollen count is rather high at the moment. And as always at this time of year, the many hay fever sufferers are enduring runny eyes and sneezing. At clean and green this week we will try and find some simple remedies to ease the pain.


I remember a few years ago seeing a product on the market that would suit the most chronic hay fever sufferer. It was what looked like a goldfish bowl that you fit on your head and all the air that passes through it goes through a filter to take out the pollen. Although it is claimed to be very effective it does have its drawbacks. There’s eating of course, it would have to be removed for that and then there would be the comments made from people in the street like “Where’s the spaceship?” But it would be worth it if you suffered really badly. You could buy one with tinted plastic if it bothered you, nobody would know who you were then.

A different approach, which has been known to be very successful, is to find a local producer of honey. The more local the better. Take a teaspoon full every day and this builds up the tolerance levels for the pollen.

On a similar theme another idea that would be worth trying is to harvest some local nettles. Put a handful into a pot and pour on boiling water. Leave until it’s cool enough to drink and strain into a cup. Sweeten with honey.

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