Friday, 23 March 2007


I notice that you are compiling a list of eco-friendly contractors and suppliers. I was wondering if you had any ideas about materials that could be used for driveways that don’t contain concrete or asphalt

The list of eco suppliers is coming on great at the moment but if anyone still hasn’t been in touch, please do so.

The obvious material for driveways is stone or gravel. This can be a bit labour intensive, as the stuff tends to try to work its way into the garden or the drains eventually. There are a couple of ideas that are around that could be of interest.

Pervious concrete: This is concrete I know, but it is a loose mix with cement coarse aggregate and water. It contains no sand, which results in a porous open-cell structure that water passes through readily. The benefits of this is that water soaks through it and reduces the threat of flooding, especially in towns and cities that are being covered with concrete with nowhere for the water to go.

Recycled glass: This is ground glass compressed into a hard wearing surface; the idea can also accommodate china clay and ceramics. This material is hard wearing but it might not be tough enough for heavy traffic.

Recycled rubber: Presently made by Eco-flex, these recycled rubber mats are moulded into the classic interlocking "dogbone" shape. The tile is just under 2 cm thick and is designed for resurfacing applications. The tile has many potential applications such as driveways, pavements, patios and decks. They need a solid surface to adhere to though so they might be better used for resurfacing existing driveways.


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