Friday, 23 March 2007


As the weather warms up this month, the organic matter in the lawn resumes its natural decomposition. This releases natural fertilisers. There are a lot of factors that take nutrients away from the grass. The winter rain depletes this natural source of food and so does collecting the grass clippings every time the lawn is cut. Some of us who like a green lawn though will now be ready to add a lawn fertiliser or a mix of fertiliser and weedkiller. This is fine if you enjoy getting the mower out twice a week to cut the heavy growth. Wild flower areas on the other hand need not be fed. The idea of these is to make them nutrient poor. This condition favours wild flowers in their struggle to fight off the grasses. Lawn weedkillers should not be used on wildflower lawns, as this will kill all of the wild flowers that would grow in the lawn.


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