Saturday, 7 February 2009


Use it up, wear it out and make it do. It is how our grandparents survived and with the economy going downhill and the recession taking its toll, we all have to tighten our belts and start practising to live more carefully. It is time to add a new R to the ‘Reduce, Re-use and Recycle’ motto - nowadays intelligent consumers also need to Repair.

In the boom times our culture moved into ‘buy cheap and throw away’, maybe because our parents had known difficult times in the past. As cheaply priced (and cheaply made) goods flooded the shops, it made more sense to buy a new toaster rather than fix the old one, to get a new coat rather than sew up the torn one.

Now, as we need to practise new ways to budget, it is time to shift our mentality again and start thinking about mending and repairing items instead of throwing them away. Learning some DIY in sewing, car repairs and gardening is a start and using local businesses for more tricky jobs supports your friends and neighbours and keeps money moving in the local economy. Spending a bit of time and effort on re-vamping an old piece of furniture can be satisfying as well as cost-effective. Getting your favourite boots resoled and re-heeled is cheap in comparison to buying new shoes and spending a bit of time with some cleaning products and a needle can tidy up a much-loved dress.

If you haven’t got the necessary skills there are numerous electricians, plumbers, cleaners, carpenters, cobblers and other experts in Inishowen who are just waiting to help you by getting your belongings into a good state of repair. Not only will you save money, you will also save yourself the misery of trying to find a suitable replacement for your favorite piece of clothing or home decor!

Plumbing Repairs
Plumbing is one of those jobs where if you don’t know what you are doing it really is best to call in an expert. One local Inishowen man recently tried to fix the seal between his toilet and the floor himself and ended up with his toilet bowl in two pieces. Local plumber, Kevin Callaghan is the man to call on 086 4060594 if you need any plumbing jobs doing around the house. Preventative maintenance and small jobs are important to keep a house in good order. A single constant drip of water coming from a corroded pipe in through the roof will eventually do so much damage that the whole ceiling might need replacing. Pipe work needs to be checked often, especially in this cold weather. Leaking toilets can waste a lot of water. Kevin can repair your cylinders and boilers quickly and efficiently as well as installing taps, toilets, wash hand basins and even the kitchen sink.

The Shower Man
Having showers instead of a bath saves heating costs as well as time. A short shower in the morning can wake you up and get you ready to face the day. If your shower starts to play up, it is cost-effective to get it fixed asap. The Shower Man will respond quickly to your call, usually fixing your shower in one visit. Under the leadership of Brian Gillespie, The Shower Man has a well-earned reputation for reliability and professional excellence. So if your mains pressure is poor, you need to replace a unit or your storage tank needs cleaning then call in The Shower Man. As approved service agent for the most popular bathroom makes, they will soon sort you out.


If your property or belongings have been damaged by fire, oil leaks,chimney fire,burst pipes, or for any other reason, you might have to put in an insurance claim. Claims4U are a professional loss assessor, who will make your home insurance claims easy. Totally independent from the insurance companies, Claims4U can assess the cost of repairing the damage and replacing your property. They also negotiate with the insurance company for you, taking all the stress out of the process and helping you get the best settlement deals available.

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