Saturday, 7 February 2009


Dance away those winter blues with Danny Mulhern’s jive classes. Dancing is a fabulous way of keeping fit and having fun and these sessions are a great way to socialise and have a bit of craic too. Dancing is becoming more and more popular with both men and women and all ages can enjoy it. Danny Mulhern’s passion for dance is well known throughout the peninsula and he is looking forward to sharing this with Inishowen. “You don’t have to be an experienced dancer to come to these classes, or even have a partner” Danny explains, “Any-body can do it. Complete beginners are usually jiving away within two weeks.”

Danny has been dancing since he was thirteen and absolutely loves it. “It is one of the most underrated activities and it has so many benefits.” He declares. “You can express yourself through dance which builds confidence and regular classes also improve energy levels. What’s more, dancing is great for releasing stress, it can help you lose weight, it improves all round fitness and creates the feel good factor,” he continues.

Danny keeps up with all the current trends in dance by regularly attending national seminars and workshops and is well qualified to share his expertise.

Classes are taking place in the Plaza in Buncrana on Mondays (8pm) at the Market House in Clonmany on Tuesdays (8pm) and in Foody’s Lodge in Quigleys Point (to be confimed) (7.30pm). With Classes only €6 and discounts for group bookings, this is great news in this day and age when we are all looking for an inexpensive way to combine socialising, fitness, fun and feeling good!

For more detail you can contact Danny on: 086 8837806

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