Saturday, 31 January 2009


Effective Offshore Training

With many local people looking for different work opportunities, two Letterkenny brothers might just have the answer they need. Khris and Frankie Veldman have opened a new training and recruitment centre, (Feidhm Mara Teoranta) to prepare people for work in the developing offshore oil and gas industry. To get a job offshore, workers need specific training before they can be considered and this is one of the areas where the first Irish offshore training centre can help. Feidhm Mara Teoranta based in Falcarragh provides the Basic Offshore Survival Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET) course as well as training for delegates to work on the drill floor.

There are lots of job opportunities available in the industry including work for painters, labourers, cooks, crane operators, mechanics, electricians, carpenters, welders, banksmen, plumbers and maintenance engineers but you would need to have your certificate before you would be considered for the position. The brothers also run a recruitment division to help people find offshore jobs. With their experience of what the industry needs as well as their contacts, the recruitment division will actively search for the best offshore work available.

Enrolment is now being taken for the three-day health and safety course in March and Khris recommends people to book early, as many of the available positions need to be filled as soon as possible. They can be contacted on (00353) 74 9135999 or check out their website


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Sadly, lots of lives have been lost in crane accidents lately. Certifications are becoming more stringent and rightly so, the focus on training is essential to the safety of the job and the life of the crane operator.

Crane Operator Staffing is a service of Grus Construction Personnel. Grus employees NCCER and NCCCO certified crane operators with proven work history and a clean work ethic.

The equipment in most of these accidents is the cause of the loss of life. Contractors must take necessary measure to inspect heavy equipment in much the same way as a pilot does a walk around of his aircraft before flight. A checklist should be used and standards for the inspection need to be developed. A walk around should be done before the day begins and before the equipment is stopped and started for any duration of time; lunch, pee break, all START and STOP actions should demand a walk around.

Crane Operator Staffing can be accomplished safely by following the exacting standards of OSHA, NCCCO, and other like minded peoples, groups, and organization.

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