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Eddie runs his company, Lough Swilly Sea Safari, from the pier at Buncrana. When I approached him for an interview, I got invited to join him on the boat for a trip around the Swilly with a group of visiting tourists. The sun was shining, so I wasted no time and jumped straight on board for what turned out to be an exhilarating and entertaining round trip of the coastline.

Eddie has been running the business for four years now and has had a lifelong interest in all things aquatic, owning his first boat in 1990. His new purpose built Rib boat is called “Dancing Wave” and seats 14 people in comfort. We visited, Fanad Head, Port Salon and Rathmullan where the visitors hit pubs and funfairs and I was able to have a wee interview with Eddie. The evening was great fun, he really is a fantastic host and his enthusiasm and party spirit are infectious. Eddie runs this exciting venture most evenings and weekends (subject to weather conditions) from April to the end of September so there is still plenty of time to get out onto the water and have some fun. If you would like more information there is a web site or you can contact him directly on 087 2747553

What music do you like?
I enjoy listening to traditional Irish and chart music. Anything that is going really. When I am out on the boat I gear the music to the passengers. Anything from the Dubliners to Sharon Shannon, Riverdance to Club Anthems

What would you never throw away?
Rope. You never know when it will come on handy. I also hang on to photographs of the family.

What book are you reading?
Troubled waters by Dublin man Patrick Ferguson. He recounts the days before sea-faring technology along the Irish coastline. It is a great book and it is very interesting to read about when ruthless ship owners sacrificed their men in the pursuit of profit

What was your favourite childhood game?
Going out onto the Swilly on one of my fathers tractor tubes. I also made a raft near Ned’s Point and would sail out on that too.

Have you been to the cinema recently, what did you see and was it any good?
Perfect Storm starring George Clooney. It was based on a true story, and dedicated to the ten thousand Gloucester fishermen men lost at sea since 1623.

What is your idea of a good night out?
Everyone in the group being happy, with no fall outs during the evening.

Most embarrassing moment of your life?
It was a long time ago but I managed to fall over a hedge and chat up the wrong girl in a bar (I was a bit drunk and she looked like my date). You don’t like to be reminded of these things…

Have you a favourite TV programme?
There are a few good programmes on Sky. I particularly enjoyed the one about crabbing in Alaska.

How do you relax?
I relax as soon as I get on the Dancing Wave.

What job did you want to do when you were a child?
I have always been interested in fishing and when I was young I wanted to be a fisherman.

Where would you like to go for your holidays?
Inishtrahull or Tory Island are perfect destinations for a peaceful holiday.

Your idea of heaven?
The sun shining and lying in anchor near Port Ban, next to Dunree. I would be sat at the back of the boat with an icebox.

Your idea of hell?
Running out of fuel on a confused sea (that’s when you don’t know what the tide is doing), and throwing the anchor out without a rope tied to the end…

What famous people would you invite around for dinner and why?
Sarah Jessica Parker the American actor and producer and a few cast members from A Perfect Storm.

Favourite animal?
A dog. We have a 5 year old Alsatian /Collie cross called Prince. He is a lovely dog and spends a lot of his time trying to eat stones.

What couldn’t you live without?
My bed.

Biggest fear?
Having intoxicated passengers falling overboard.

Biggest thrill?
Riding over a really big wave on the boat. It’s a sea faring Rib so it could handle practically anything.

The world’s most irritating invention?
The mobile phone.

What is your idea of a good night in?
I am not in much in the summer but in winter I enjoy a good bottle of fruit wine and a warm fire.

Do you have a hobby?
My boat.

Biggest disappointment?
Boats corroding. They can break your heart sometimes. Lots of things can deteriorate because of the salt in the water.

Which period in history would you most like to have lived through?
1500-1600 the era of the Armadas and tall ships. It would have been great to be a captain of such fine vessels.

World’s most useful invention?
The Global Positioning System (GPS) for boats. You always know exactly where you are in any weather.

What do you have for breakfast?
Porridge with half a punnet of either strawberries or blueberries. I usually throw on a banana too.

What is the best piece of advice you have been given?
Make sure you wear a lifejacket and have plenty of fuel on board a boat. Take a mobile phone, a knife and a bottle of whiskey…

Personal philosophy
Keep it simple… Don’t fly too high.

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