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Dawn Flanagan is nineteen and is originally from Dublin. She now lives in Buncrana with her mum and has two sisters Sarah and Emma and a brother, Michael who is busy working in Dublin. Dawn has spent the last year and a half working in the Town Clock Café on the Main Street in the town, which was taken over by Amanda Gill (Doherty) in January.

Dawn recently took part in, and won, the iCare charity fundraiser to find the “Face of Inishowen.” Her prizes included a hamper from Loreal, a night away in the Slieve Russel Hotel in County Cavan and a years contract with Converse Modelling Agency based in Derry. Dawn is always on the go and loves travelling so the contract will help her get to new and exciting places.

What music are you listening to at the moment?
Bits of everything. Kings of Leon are really good and I am also enjoying Beyoncé. I also listen to a bit of R+B.

What book are you reading?
I used to do quite a lot of reading, especially when I was at school. I don’t really have much time now and just tend to look through the magazines like New Mag in the café at break times.

What was your favourite childhood game?
If I were outside it would be games where you ran around like 40-40. Indoors I was competitive and although I didn’t win very often, I enjoyed Monopoly. My favourite piece to be was the dog….

Have you rented a DVD recently and was it any good?
I watched Tropical Thunder directed by Ben Stiller and starring loads of well-known actors. It’s about a group of actors shooting a big-budget war movie who are forced to become the soldiers they are portraying. I enjoyed it but it’s not the type of film you want to see again.

What section of the newspaper do you turn to first?
I go to the style and fashion sections, as I like to see what people are wearing.

What would you never throw away?
Photos of friends and nights out. I like to look back on them to see the changing fashions. My mum still has my first school photo…

Favourite TV programme?
I enjoy American comedy dramas. Desperate Housewives, Greys Anatomy and of course the old favourite sit com…Friends.

What job did you want to do when you were younger?
I had very high expectations for myself when I was younger. I realise now that it takes hard work and determination to get a professional job. I did always want to travel, and that is still high on the list.

Where was your best holiday and what made it special?
Two years ago I went to Santa Ponza, Mallorca in Spain. There were 20 of us go over when we finished 5th year. It was a real adventure with lots of activities like rafting and snorkelling.

What do you do for a special treat?
Well, one of my favourite treat is to go out shopping….for clothes of course. I also enjoy organising girly nights in with a bottle of wine and a DVD. We will go out for a meal sometimes too.

Favourite animal?
I have had loads of animals and they were all my favourites. My sister Sarah and I have had dogs, hamsters and budgies, not all at the same time of course…

Biggest thrill?
When I was eight we went to Canobie Lake Park in New Hampshire. It’s a massive play park and had fantastic water rides and roller coasters. I still like fast rides.

Biggest Challenge?
I found the leaving cert hard. You have to be very disciplined and I was always just enjoying the craic.

What was the best present you ever got?
I have got a lot of use of an iPod touch that I got last Christmas. It’s definitely the most useful present I have had.

What was the last thing you bought just for yourself?
I went shopping in Dublin and bought clothes.

What charity would you support?
I was involved in the iCare fashion show recently and raised money for them. It’s a great project.

The world’s most irritating invention?
The phone can be really irritating, especially when you want to be left alone.

Best/ worst birthday present?
I always love to get money, clothes or handy things like a camera. I haven’t really had any bad presents although I don’t really care much for bath stuff.

Favourite past-time?
Going out and socialising is top of the list. I go out to Liberty’s nightclub and O’Flaherty’s bar in Buncrana.

What do you have for breakfast?
Cereal this morning, Special K, I also have a cup of tea or coffee most mornings to wake me up.

Do you have a favourite cartoon character?
Stewie from Family Guy. He has such a hilarious accent, I could listen to him moan on all day.

What was your first paid job?
Babysitting. I often did it for my cousins and friends of my mums. My aunties were very generous and would often give me up to €20-30 euro for the night.

Best/worst household chore?
I am pretty used to household chores working in the Town Clock and like things to be tidy in my own kitchen, I can’t relax otherwise. The two things in the house I could do without would be getting the coal in and vacuuming.

What are the best words of encouragement you have been given?
Follow your own instincts and do what you feel is the right thing.

Personal philosophy?
To keep positive, enjoy your freedom and travel.

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