Sunday, 16 December 2007


Rose Cullen has been a local councillor for Fianna Fail on Buncrana Urban Council for three years and is involved in many local issues. One burning issue at the moment is the improper use of fireworks. “I have had two frightening experiences with youngsters throwing fireworks this week. Possessing fireworks here is totally illegal and if used incorrectly without the proper safety procedures they are extremely dangerous,” Rose states. “It is important that both children and adults know the dangers of fireworks”.

Walking down Rose’s driveway you can tell straight away that she feels very strongly about environmental issues. There is the blue recycling bin, with products neatly stacked to go to the recycling centre and to save on weed killer there are carpets to keep the weeds down. It makes perfect sense then that the car that Rose decided to drive should be one of the most frugal cars on the road, a year 2000 Nissan Micra 1.0.

How long have you had the car?
I bought it new seven years ago. It was my first new car. I bought it from the main Nissan Dealer in Letterkenny.

Have you any plans to change?
Definitely not. I think it makes far more financial sense to hang on to your car for as long as possible. It is better for the environment too.

Is it reliable?
I have never had any trouble with the car. It just has the regular services.

Best thing about the car?
The reliability and economy are the best (my daughter drives a Micra too). The car is an A to B car and it can be a bit lacking in comfort on long journeys.

How often do you wash it?
I hardly ever wash it! It got a going over last week because I went to a wedding in it. That was the first time in a year!

What would you do to help motorists given the chance?
Now that the nights are drawing in it is important to maintain the streetlights and illuminated traffic bollards in the middle of the roads. It is safer for drivers and pedestrians alike.

What would you really like to be driving around in?
I wouldn’t object to someone dropping off a Lamborghini onto the drive!

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