Sunday, 16 December 2007


We have a lot of candles this year. Candles give off a lovely warm glow and add a bit of cosiness to the long winter evenings. Most of them burn fairly well for the first few times bit they can get very messy and irregularly shaped, which makes them a bit dangerous to burn. This year we decided to recycle them into new candles and the result has been very successful. When soap bars get too small to use they can be compressed together to make a new bar, candles can be re-used in much the same way but instead of pressing them together we melted the wax. The whole affair proved to be a bit messier than we thought, but this shouldn’t put you off. We found an old saucepan and popped in all of the old candles then put them on the Parkray to melt slowly. We then used an old Pringles tube as a mould and used old string from a yo-yo as the wick that was held in place by a pencil resting on the top of the tube. I was very careful to tell the children to be careful, as hot wax is both dangerous and messy. As I was doing this I managed to spill the liquid on the cooker and also as I poured out the wax into the mould I spilled it all over the kitchen table. The washing up bowl has a ring of wax around it that I can’t get off and I have wax splats on my jumper and trousers. But I don’t care because we have this great big, tube shaped, red candle taking pride of place on the mantelpiece!

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