Thursday, 31 May 2007


I have planted a new Escallonia hedge. Will it need watering in the dry weather? D.E. By e-mail

Almost definitely yes. Unless of course you planted them in a bog, then that would be a different matter! I planted an Escallonia hedge two years ago. I walked past it the other day in the dry weather and it was showing severe signs of water deprivation. The bottom leaves were yellow and the new growth was wilting. This is after two years; there are some deciding factors why the ground dried out so quickly. Firstly the site is raised up so water can drain easily. Second the hedge is near trees, which usually get the upper hand for the available moisture should it become scarce. Keep and eye on them throughout the summer and if they show any symptoms of drought, get the hosepipe out.


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Richard said...

Hi Ian,
enjoying reading your column, and a few things I may argue about in the future. A bit of discussion makes life interesting. Keep up the good work

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