Thursday, 31 May 2007


I have put up a fence from tannalised wooden planks. Should I treat the wood to preserve it in the first year? Thanks A.B. by e-mail

There are two trains of though on this. I feel that the treated wood doesn’t need to be painted with preservative because the wood has been pressure treated. Pressure treating in this way soaks the preservative right into the centre of the plank. When you paint on preservative in the traditional way, this just coats the surface so it isn’t as effective. Some disagree though and say that the wood should be painted with preservative after the first year as the wood dries out and the pressure treatment looses its effectiveness. The bloke who built my shed paints his wood with decking varnish. This feeds the wood and keeps the moisture in which reduces cracking. Maybe that might be worth using on the fence after the first year.


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