Thursday, 31 May 2007


I have planted Alchemilla mollis in my path as it gives good cover. Have you any advice as to how I should look after it? Thanks I.N. by e-mail


These plants, which are also known as 'ladies mantle' produce a frothy haze of tiny, yellow flowers appearing from June to September above softly hairy, rounded, pale green leaves. They look after themselves very well. I worked on a garden where the owner had planted them in the garden and they self-seeded all over the place. They were a particular nuisance in between the cracks on the patio and path that ran through the garden. Once the roots got a hold the only thing that could get rid of them was to take up the slabs to dig the roots out. Do not let that put you off though. As the flowers go to seed snip them off to avoid them getting out of control. The plants like full sun or partial shade and the soil needs to be humus rich and moist. They will make excellent cut flowers so get a big vase ready! Cut back the faded flower heads and foliage in August and the plant will often produce a second flush of flowers.


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