Thursday, 31 May 2007


We are reaping the rewards for doing a bit of seed sowing in the garden recently. Already we have a bumper crop of lettuce and rocket as well as parsley, coriander and spring onions. The beans and peas have started to entwine themselves around the hazel rods that have been put up and we have even seen the first signs of sweetcorn plants emerging

If you are lucky enough to have vegetables in your garden, they will benefit by a bit of attention in their early days. Keep weeds away from them, as these will take up valuable nutrients away. Thin out rows of vegetable seedlings growing from earlier sowings, such as beetroot, lettuce and radish. Final spacing are usually indicated on seed packets. Congested seedlings never reach their full potential, as they distort one another as they grow, resulting in a much smaller crop. Carefully pull out unwanted seedlings, leaving the rest at the desired spacing, and then water the row to settle the soil back around the roots of the remaining ones. Do not despair if you haven’t planted everything out as crops such runner beans, dwarf French beans, kohl rabi, carrots, marrows, cauliflowers, peas, ridge cucumbers, sweet corn, swede, lettuce, endive, squashes and spinach, will all catch up if you throw the seed out now.


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