Wednesday, 20 June 2007


This week we are in the garden of Claire Nelson from Buncrana. Claire has a keen interest in the garden and over the years has included some lovely features like a fountain and a real thatch sun canopy. Her garden incorporates a barbeque area as well as loads of places for the children to play. The planting has been chosen to withstand the rigours of footballs!

How long have you been working on the garden?
About nine or ten years. It was just a field when we moved in.

What is your favourite plant?
I have a few but I love the Pieris ‘forest flame’ and the Acer, Japanese maple trees.

What is your favourite feature in the garden?
The girls would say the trampoline, but I love the swing seat with the clematis Montana hanging over the trellis above. It is so calming on hot days.

What is your favourite season and why?
Wintertime! It sounds daft but it gives us time to have a rest and hopefully catch the mid-week movie!

What work gives you the most pleasure in the garden?
Probably weeding believe it or not. Getting the place tidied up is very rewarding and it feels great when it’s done.

Any irritations in the garden. How do you cope?
Snails. Everyone’s pet hate! I can’t bring myself to destroy them so I usually just pick them up and take them to a nice green patch, as far away from the garden as possible

What is your best gardening tool?
A good hose. It takes half the time to water all of the plants on a summers evening.

Top Tip for spring?
Take time to enjoy the garden.

Any plans for the future?
If I only knew! We will continue to enjoy the pleasures we have ….Que,sera,sera!


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Ray said...

Claire, I loved your site and your garden. I am a Japanese Gardener in the US, if you love Maples stop by my site and take a look under the Japanese Maples page. We have several Acer's along with other plantings and a large Koi Pond.



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