Thursday, 21 June 2007


One of the joys at this time of year is getting out and about to the garden centres and nurseries to see what goodies are available. I must confess I am not a great customer when it comes to parting with money for plants. Like a lot of gardeners I tend to rummage about in the reject pile or opt to grow things from cuttings or seed. The thought of forking out loads of euro for something you could grow yourself seems a bit daft. Much the same way that say, an accountant would ask someone else to do their books for them. Or a plumber would get someone in to fix their pipes. You know what I mean. Occasionally though we do need to buy plants in bulk if we need them straight away or there is a planting job that needs more mature plants, or like me you are without a greenhouse. This is where nurseries come in handy. The plants are generally of a very high standard and you can get them in bulk, which is ideal for large planting schemes. Of course nurseries are great as well if you just need a specimen plant or some bedding plants to start off the summer pots. I was down at Mac’s Landscaping Nursery in Ballymagan on the Illies road the other day and that is just what John, the proprietor is stocking. He has a vast range of high quality, hardy shrubs and some young annuals for sale. He is also starting to make up containers and filling baskets with colour too. Just up from the Big House pub, John has put in a lot of time and energy to create a very accessible retail outlet. He has also just had delivery of great quality perennials in pots for us to choose from. Pop down there to see his stock, you won’t be disappointed. John is a busy man landscaping the far reaches of Donegal so if you want to catch him in phone 0863907072.


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