Tuesday, 19 June 2007


Name: Colm McLaughlin

Address: Colm is from Derry but the car is stored in Newtowncunningham.

Car: 1928 Ford model A. (The car that supersedes the Model T)

Colm is an active member of the Donegal Vintage and Classic Car Club

How long have you had the car?
I have owned it for about seven years now. The last owner before me was the actor Robbie Coltrane.

How long have you been interested in vintage cars?
Well over eighteen years now.

What got you interested in old cars?
I read every type of vintage car book and magazine for years before I finally decided to buy the real thing.

Did you restore the car yourself?
It was in really good condition when I got it and I have maintained it ever since.

Is it reliable?
Yes. The 3.2 litre engine just keeps on going.

Any plans to change?
Yes. I am always changing my cars. This car is up for sale too! (Anyone interested can contact Colm on 04871 264650)

Are parts easy to source?
Very, there are over 100,000 of the Model A’s still on the roads in America. You can get most parts for the car easily on next day delivery, and they don’t cost the earth.

Best thing about the car?
The open air!

How often do you wash it?
Only occasionally. I just give it a quick rub down with a sponge.

If you were Minister for Finance what would you do to help motorists?
Reduce the tax on petrol and give more of the money to petrol retailers!

What would you really like to be driving around in?
I am always driving around in my ideal car!

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