Thursday, 28 June 2007


Continue to remove blanket weed and duckweed using a net or rake. Pile the weed by the side of the pond for 24 hours to allow pond life to crawl back into the water and then put on the compost heap. Keep an eye on aquatic and marginal plants, removing faded flowers and yellow leaves, and cutting back where necessary.

Make sure that the fish have enough water and if the sun gets too hot, put some shade over an edge of the pond to give them some cool shade. Aerate the water in hot sticky weather by leaving fountains on overnight and top up the water regularly.

Shallow water features or those with water washing over cobbles can become green very quickly in summer weather. Algaecides may need applying more frequently than in normal ponds. If you do not want to spend the money or are worried about pollution the clear out fallen leaves and debris regularly, this will help to keep down algal growth. There will be fewer nutrients available from rotting organic matter.


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