Friday, 29 June 2007



Move outdoor pots into the shade whilst you are away on your holidays. Stand them in large shallow saucers with a small reservoir of water. Wrapping clay pots in polythene/bubble wrap helps to keep the moisture in too. The council here in Buncrana have introduced the reservoirs on to their hanging baskets this year. They really make a difference ensuring that the plants do not dry out in between watering once or twice a week. Unfortunately we do not have the baskets on the main road at the end of our estate anymore. We did have two of them but the lads deemed it far to o dangerous to water them with the cars rushing past. I know how they feel, I cut the grass on the verge by the side of the main road and you take your life in your hands when the lorries and vans speed by. If you don’t have the reservoirs baskets then a bottle with the bottom cut off pushed into the soil will do a great job when it is filled with water. An associate of mine who produces baskets for sale will not sell them to anyone unless they have a proper watering system. He has his reputation to think about!


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