Wednesday, 27 June 2007


Photo: The real thing!

I am always looking out for new plants and garden ideas that can be stored in my database of photos for future reference. Unfortunately I find that I am going out without my camera since I bought one that is too large to fit in my pocket. I have been finding myself repeating the words “If only I had my camera with me” It makes a change though because before this my much repeated phrase was “I’ll just get my gloves” I have been looking at some new innovations for the gardens this week. It’s probably always been the case but I must say that some of the ideas for the outside space are getting a bit bizarre. I noticed speakers for the garden made to look like rocks. (Rock music I suppose). It is good to see that the outdoor heaters are fading from popularity this year though. Not only were they a waste of energy, they were very ineffective as well. Talking of instant gratification how about this for an idea.


If you have an unsightly chain link wire fence and fancy something a bit different, try this new idea. The fence is a easily disguised using strips of wire covered in hairy, green plastic, a bit like a giant pipe cleaner. The strips are simply pushed through the chain link. Although it sounds like a great idea, like there is no need for watering, there are a few downsides. Firstly they are made out of plastic, which isn’t that desirable, and secondly if kids get wind of the fact that they pull out the fence, you will have some very large pipe cleaner creations around the garden. It isn’t available here yet, the American market are test-driving it first. It will probably be here soon enough though .


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