Saturday, 26 May 2007


Photo: Get the mower out!

We have some great growing weather now that things have warmed up and it is officially summer time! Last week saw a surge in activity with the sunshine and showers. The lawn needs a weekly cut now as when left too long it is very time consuming to bring it up to scratch. There is a new mower on the market that is promising to take the strain out of lawn maintenance. The device is made by Electrolux and goes under the name of the Automower. The idea is that the machine constantly cuts the grass whilst you laze in the hammock. Sensors are put around the perimeter of the grass and the mower stays within that area, painstakingly cutting every inch of the lawn. The sales pitch is good and the benefits seem very convincing.

The machine mulches the grass, which feeds the lawn.

Unlike us, the mower will happily work in the rain.

The machine is virtually silent so your siestas won’t be disturbed.

It mows up hills.

Pets are safe; they guarantee that the machine will not shave the cat as sensors detect obstacles.

The machine works by inputting a security pin number, which hopefully will deter people from

pinching it.

The mower costs about €2,000 which is a high price to pay for lounging in the sunshine!

Electrolux don’t mention the fact that going out and cutting the grass is good exercise though!


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