Saturday, 26 May 2007


Photo: Planters ,Buncran shore in May
Week three of looking at garden design.

Last week we were playing with ideas on a piece of paper. If the thought of putting the ideas down is a bit daunting here are a few pointers.


Try to keep to one style. I mentioned this last week, it is a good idea to look at the style of the house and it’s surroundings to get some pointers. If you have a formal house with straight lines you might want to keep the idea running through the garden.

A garden is more pleasing if there is a natural progression from one area to another. A path is a good way to join areas up. Think about how you would like someone to walk around your garden and view it. Focal points such as a sculpture, tree or captivating view will help to draw the eye and pull us into a new space.

Here is an area that can go seriously wrong. Scale is about proportions-how the size and shapes of things relate to one another. A tiny shrub bed the size of your bathroom would look a bit out of place on a two-acre lawn for example. If in doubt when you are planning I find it is better to be bold and generous with the dimensions of the borders. The same goes for paths, they look a bit odd if they are too narrow.


By repeating plants and materials you can bring a sense of rhythm to the garden. You might want to repeat certain plants throughout the garden or concentrate on certain types of plants such as grasses to give a soft feel to the garden. Try not to go overboard with repeating things though. As in music, variations on a theme can be very pleasing.


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