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Tommy Cunningham and Ryan Turner from Carndonagh own two very special cars; the Starsky and Hutch Ford Grand Torino from 1976 and the bungling County Sheriff car driven by Rosco P.Coltraine in the Dukes of Hazzard. Both cars have been refurbished to a very high standard replicating the original machines complete with flashing lights and sirens in perfect working order

Tommy has been an avid Starsky and Hutch fan for over thirty years. His interest started with a set of magazines.

“I used to go to PH Doherty’s shop in Carn every month and collect the official magazines. I still have the whole collection of 35 copies” Tommy explains. “I took it a stage further a few years later when I commissioned Gordon Smith in town to refurbish a Ford Granada to replicate the original ‘striped tomato’ paint job from the series.”

The Starskey and Hutch Ford Grand Torino has a large V8 6 litre engine that gives that familiar V8 growl when the engine is running. The car also has Huggie Bear’s signature on the dashboard.

“In the Dukes of Hazzard Sheriff Rosco never really caught up with General Lee in Hazzard County, which was surprising as the 78 Plymouth Fury has a 5.8 litre V8 engine.” said Ryan. “Whilst filming the series the production companies could work their way through as many as six cars in every episode. You mostly saw them flying through the air!” he concluded

The car attracted a lot of attention recently when it was hired out for a wedding at the Millbrook Hotel in Donegal town.

“We are working with a company called Star Car who are based all around Ireland. They hire out eye-catching cars for special occasions. As well as our two cars, Star Cars can supply the Trans Am from the A Team, General Lee’s car, a pink Cadillac, as well as Herbie and the Knight Rider car or K.I.T.T. as it was better known”

Both of Tommy and Ryan’s cars are available to make any event special and memorable. Check out the website for more information or ring Tommy on 087253 4202 for more information about car hire.

If you are not too familiar with Starskey and Hutch but you would like to know more, Sky are re-showing the series!


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