Sunday, 25 March 2007


We have been racking our brains at Clean and Green this week. A friend of ours has a small child who tends to drop her bottle onto the footwell in the car. This has happened a few times and the bottle has leaked milk onto the carpet. When the temperature is turned up in the car so the smell of sour milk gets stronger. We have been trying all the usual remedies such as vinegar, bicarbonate of soda etc., but the smell is still lingering. Have you any tried and tested methods for removing the smells from cars. We would like to hear from you.

A woman in the supermarket car park approached me last week. The lady was asking about how to clean venetion blinds. I thought I would share the information with you. We have also had some very good e-mail too about cleaning tips so they follow on afterwards.

I remember when the venetian blinds were cleaned at the family home. For three days they were hanging in the garage drip-drying after being hosed down. The performance taking them down and putting them up again also used to take a day or two. To make life a bit easier we found that the blinds clean quite well using a piece of crust from a new loaf of bread. Slide this along the slats holding the bread firmly Change the bread as it becomes dirty. You could try cleaning roller blinds too if they aren’t the washable type. A very firm mixture of flour and water dough can be rolled across them as well.

Some people recommend that boiling beetroot in the pan gets rid of any burnt deposits. Sounds like a waste of beetroot to me! The easiest way to get the burnt bits out or the pan is to use salt. How much salt to use depends on how bad the burn is. If it is only slightly burnt then an hour’s soak in salt water is enough. If it is really caked then soak for twelve hours, boiling it up at the beginning and the end.

This works well on porcelain sinks. Go to the cooking section of the supermarket and get some cream of tartar. Rub onto any rusty and discoloured areas of the sink. Leave for a while and rub off. Borax and lemon juice is also said to work wonders to remove rust too.

Bicarbonate of soda and salt are very effective in removing tea stains from crockery or plastic. If the stain is heavy, leave the cup or pot to soak in a solution of soda or salt overnight. It will just rub off in the morning. Don’t use on china with a gilt edge though as it could be damaged. Plastic containers can be cleaned this way.
A friend of mine used to clean his mug out using sand. As effective as this was it did eventually wear the glaze off. So we think that is a bit harsh!

We’ve found some good uses for the sweet sugary coke products that are on the market in the past. Here’s another one. If you have a seized bolt and you can’t find the W.D.40 to free it then get a can of coke. Pour on the coke and leave a minute to soak in. The bolt will be freed a lot easier. Watch out though it corrodes metal as effectively (what does it do to the stomach), so wash it off afterwards!


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