Sunday, 25 March 2007


I was a bit under the weather a few days ago and took to the settee for a bit of rest and relaxation. I must confess to watching a bit of daytime television whilst I was laid up (purely in the name of research of course). I couldn’t believe the amount of adverts that were shown for cleaning products. There were adverts for washing powder, spray cleaners, air fresheners, fabric softeners and later in the day the adverts became more sophisticated and moved more towards body products to get your skin and hair all smooth and smelling like a summer breeze, (or is that fabric softener, I can’t remember, it’s a bit of a blur). Most of the products have the same ingredients in them so perhaps you could use hair conditioner as a fabric softener!!!

We have had a few e-mails concerning last week’s comments on antiperspirants.

Q I use an antiperspirant that looks like a piece of rock crystal. These are made of natural materials aren’t they?

A. These Rock Crystals are made out of mineral salts, which is a natural product. The added ingredients in these though can contain the harmful aluminium metal. When you are buying this product choose the ones that clearly list the ingredients, avoiding any with aluminium. Make sure all the ingredients are natural. Avoid any with ingredients that are unclear.

Q I use talcum powder as an underarm deodorant and to dry my baby’s bottom, surely this is safe?

A. Talcum powder or magnesium silicate, to give it it’s chemical name, is made up of finely ground particles of stone. As this is mined from the ground it can be contaminated with other substances. For example, there have been reports of Asbestos being found in talc. One thing about talc, the dust can settle in the lungs and cause breathing difficulty and asthma. Be careful about leaving talc lying about –toddlers can wreak havoc if they find the container and although throwing it about may be fun for them, it may not be so good for their little lungs. As with all products, its best to use in moderation. When you have the time let your baby’s bottom dry naturally in the air.

Here is an easy and cheap alternative for you to try:Mix one part baking soda with eight parts of cornstarch. Mix in a blender and put in eight or so drops of your favourite essential oil. Store in an airtight container or shaker for future use. You will find that the bathroom doesn’t get covered in powder and you can breath more easily!


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