Thursday, 15 March 2007


I have been having a bit of a smashing time with electrical goods over the last couple of weeks. It first started when I fell into a crumpled heap on top of my camera, rendering it useless. More recently I closed the car door on my mobile phone, also rendering that useless. I have bought another on with more buttons on it than a computer. Talking of computers I though it would be a good idea for me to go onto Broadband because, well, you just have to don’t you. As my brother always says, the best gadget is the one you haven’t got yet. Setting Broadband up took two full days. It says on the instructions that the procedure is simple. Simple to someone who knows what they are doing. It actually got to the point where the people on the installation help line refused point blank to talk to me. When I phoned them with another (what they saw as) stupid question, they automatically asked to speak to Julie as she knew what they were talking about. That and the fact that she didn’t grunt, groan and raise her voice as I was prone to do. Eventually we got it sorted with the use of a cable. (This is what I couldn’t understand that wireless broadband needs a cable) Anyway it seems to work. You might ask why put myself through all of this for a bit of new technology. Well because I think ultimately that it’s worth it, I can put this blog together for a start! New technology is helping to shape the world and if it’s used correctly could really help in the process of energy reduction. Great leaps have been made in natural energy production with the advance of technology and devices that were once very expensive are now affordable and could even pay for themselves within five years.

Grants are being made available for installing microgenerating energy saving devices in the home. There will be small wind turbines where the TV aerials once were. Solar panels will take the place of the roof tiles and if you are lucky enough to have a small stream running through your land you could harness energy by setting up a water wheel, which would incorporate a bit of old world technology too.

Inside the house we can see better wall insulation and triple glazed windows will help to keep the heat in and thermal pipes in the garden will help to generate energy coupled with heat exchangers in the house. All of these factors will turn our houses into mini power stations. Some people will also find that they are producing more energy than they are using. If we adopt the same policy as some other European countries, we will be able to sell this excess to the national grid and actually make money out of the house. All of these things are achievable now because of the progression of technology. Schools, offices and other public buildings can also be easily converted. England hope that this method of energy generation will account for up to 40% of the electricity needs for the country releasing itself in parts to the dependence of oil and coal. So yes, technology does sometimes get the better of me and is the main cause of my blood pressure rising. But side by side with older established ideas on environmental improvements, it does have its place.



Anonymous said...

How is it that you have only just gone onto broadband? How did you cope!

Ian Gomersall said...

We only went onto broadband last year. There are still loads of places around the peninsula that have no signals at all yet ( they are hard pushed to receive ant radio stations at all either) There has been a bit installation programme around the towns though. Before that we had to rely on the land line. I couldn't imagine life without broadband now though

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