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Transition Event


PR Contact: Kathleen O’Hara Farren for Transition Inishowen Initiative
Tel 086 1211898 and 074 9381000

How can you save money and discover new ways of working with your
local community? To find out more, all are welcome to “Transition
Inishowen's Day of Events”, Saturday March 27th. The two free events
are organised by the voluntary group Transition Inishowen Initiative.
In the morning there is a talk and slide show with practical examples
of DIY solar thermal (domestic water heating). Then after a light
lunch there is a film screening of “In Transition 1.0”, in which you
meet inspiring individuals and groups from around the world who are
learning ways to live more sustainably, whilst saving money and having
a good time.

Transition Inishowen is a member of the national group Transition
Towns Network of Ireland and Northern Ireland which is a group helping
people help themselves to adjust to a future with less fossil fuel and
increasing effects of climate change. “In the face of fluctuating oil
prices and the fact that global oil supplies are due to peak and then
decline in the near future and also with the ever more obvious effects
of a changing climate, every community needs to adapt to become more
resilient and better prepared.” said group member, Claire Gilmour.
Since February 2009, Transition Inishowen have been raising awareness
of Peak Oil and Climate Change by having film screenings, slide shows,
skills workshops and giving one-on-one support to help strengthen
individuals and building resilience in the community, resilience being
the ability to withstand shocks and crises.

All are welcome to one or both events which take place in the IDP
(Inishowen Development Partnership) offices on Pound Street Carndonagh
(opposite ICRFM) The Solar workshop is at 11am. Light lunch is at 1pm
and the film “In Transition 1.0” is on at 2pm. Admission is free.

If you have ever thought about installing solar panels but felt
daunted about finding the most suitable system for your house, and by
the cost and the installation process, then come to the Solar Workshop
presented by Cye Bannon. Cye has recently installed a solar evacuated
tube setup at his own house in Belfast, and has trained in the other
main solar thermal technologies. He is keen to share his knowledge and
experience. In this workshop he will be explaining his idea for a
solar co-operative aimed at supporting DIY installation of solar
thermal (domestic water heating). He will have a slide show and some
examples on display. Self relience and thriftiness are central to
this workshop.

The film “In Transition 1.0” features professional and amateur footage
of communities around the globe who have taken steps to “walk the
talk” of living more sustainably. You can see how much optimism and
empowerment is gained by doing this. Many issues are covered such as
renewable energy, public transport, green businesses, local food
production including growing your own, and learning or relearning
basic skills such as baking your own bread and mending your own bike.
A slower more meaningful lifestyle is embraced, community spirit is
fostered, and also an awareness that you are living more in harmony
with the environment.

The group would also like to draw your attention to the fact that
March 27th is Earth Hour day, established by WWF (Worldwide Fund for
Nature). We are all urged to switch off all lights (if not all
electricity) for 1 hour at 8.30pm. Last year hundreds of millions of
people around the world took part.

Transition Inishowen anticipates a big turn out for these events on
this special day! Contact email:


April 1, 2010

From Kathleen O'Hara Farren tel 086 1211898 and 074 9381000 for
Transition Inishowen
PR and photo attached with pr text below also.

RE; Transition Inishowen Initiative two firsts on one day – solar
power workshop and film screening.

Transition Inishowen Initiative held a successful Day of Events on
Saturday March 27th with a full house of people from across Inishowen
attending the peninsula's first DIY Solar water heating workshop in
the morning. The afternoon audience enjoyed Inishowen's first public
screening of the film “In Transition 1.0” which gave a clear
explanation of “Peak Oil” and presented people who are embracing 'the
transition' – learning about alternatives to fossil fuel use in many
areas including energy, food production and transport.

In the film, which can be seen for free on-line, town councils to
sewing groups are seen learning and sharing skills – all with the aim
of making a positive change to their oil dependent lives. We saw that
Transition Towns is a world wide movement and it's methods are
explained well by the TV News report from the States. Workshop
facilitator, Cye Bannon said, “The afternoon film was great & further
reinforced the importance of community initiatives such as Transition
Inishowen in promoting self-reliance & small-scale renewable energy
generation.” Afterwards the group discussed one of the issues brought
up by the screening – local currency – citing the Buncrana Christmas
voucher scheme as an example of local currency in action here.

The good turnout for the Solar Workshop shows the interest and need
for this kind of knowledge in Inishowen. It will be followed up by a
second, more practical lesson in installing solar panels for heating
water. Cye Bannon, from Belfast who presented the workshop said, “I
was greatly encouraged by the well-informed Inishowen audience and by
the keen interest they expressed, and look forward to seeing them
again at the next Transition Inishowen workshop (date TBC) , at which
we can discuss & agree ways of working together to support DIY
installation of inexpensive solar water heating.” He explained the
value and methods of a working co-op to install these panels to ensure
they are easily wide spread throughout the community. His approach
was non-commercial and DIY.

Transition Inishowen would like to thank the Inishowen Development
Partnership for providing the room, the local media, libraries and the
many who are showing an interest in making the transition. A national
group welcome online participation – Transition is for everybody. The
idea is to become a more resilient community by, over time, learning
many useful skills together and adapting to new forms of transport,
energy and every aspect of society. It is a positive response to
these changing times.

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