Thursday, 11 March 2010

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This week I have been using the Magic Seeder seed sowing tool which is based on the principles of automatic seed dispensing machines that large growers use, but this fits snugly into one hand and only cost €6.90.

The Magic Seeder can be used to sow seeds of all shapes and sizes up to 2mm. One problem when sowing seeds is getting compost and water onto our fingers, which makes the smaller seed sticky and hard to spread out properly. The Magic Seeder keeps the seed dry and accurately spreads the seeds out in trays, pots or plugs.

It took a bit of time for me to get used to the device as I have to figure out how hard or gently to press down my thumb on the syringe like plunger that frees the seed from the chamber. Once I had mastered this I tested the device on seed as small as lobelia to the size of lettuce seed, laying them out neatly in straight, even lines. Another benefit from using the Seeder is that it can reduce seed wastage and cut down the chance of disease through sowing too thickly. The Magic Seeder also is used by the Royal Horticultural Society with great success. See them in action on the magicseeder site.

To win one of two Magic Seeders I have to give away, just go to and leave your e-mail address, mentioning the name Magic Seeder. Good luck

Closing date March 31st 10

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