Saturday, 14 February 2009


Breaking Free

In this world, it is so easy to feel helpless and powerless. We do not realise the power we actually possess.

Look at an elephant. It can uproot huge trees with its trunk. When an elephant living in captivity is still a baby, it is tied to a tree with a strong rope. The baby elephant tries with all its might to break the rope. Realising its efforts are of no use, it finally gives up.

Fully grown, it can be tied to a small tree with a thin rope. It could then easily free itself by uprooting the tree or breaking the rope. But because its mind has been conditioned by prior experience, it doesn’t make the slightest attempt to break free. This is what is happening to people throughout the world, particularly women.

We all have infinite potential inherent in our beings, but we need to break the shackles of the conditioning imposed on us. We do have strength. We can find courage. We can go beyond our imagined limitations. We already possess the power to do this.
Live your dreams, fulfil your potential, be true to yourself.

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susanna said...

Hear Hear.

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